Typo: Bold end tag missing

This is a regular not-bold sentence; incorrect coding shown on next three lines.

<b>Test line with no end tag </b> test line has start tag only

And this sentence has start and end 'p' tags and should *NOT* be bold but it still is due to not closing prior bold tag.

At the end of this sentence, I am closing the bold tag and also displaying the tag with a faux closing tag by using the "hilite" custom class with &,l,t,; in front of the faux displayed bold element. </b> </b>

This should now be correct (not-bold), because the end tag is now set just before this sentence starts.

End of Typo

Explanation: Simple example to start the htmltypo site with

author: Larry @tradesouthwest
website: http://tradesouthwest.com
Date: 11-20-2016 14:07
Id: 19