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This is a space to add your experiences with having any type of misspell or even an oddity in HTML markup which led to a good or a bad result. Sometimes we find the most remarkable things by making mistakes. Other times, they are just mistakes.

Typo: Reference test block for Browser Markup

This is what `code` block example text
will look like on your broswer.

This is what an `xmp` block example text
will look like on your broswer.
This is what
a `pre` block example text

will look like on your broswer.
For some code input we use kses and others we use PDO filters. We are all Open Source and use only free software to build this site. (Linux/Debian fans!)
Typo: Do not use dec for a table or string name
This one is PHP: Was trying to call from a MySQL database a table named "dec" (December). $sql = "SELECT * FROM dec where id = ?"; $q = $pdo->prepare($sql); $q->execute(array($id)); $data = $q->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); Turns out a 1064 error thinking that dec is a reserved word. I could not find it anywhere in the PHP.net but it may be shorthand for dechex

Explanation: I beat my head for hours trying to find the source of this error. Moral of story: do not use

Author: @tradesouthwest
Website: http://php.net/manual/en/function.decbin.php
Date: 12-03-2016 21:14
Id: 29

Typo: Vulnerability test
alt='Profile' src='/profiles/".htmlentities($_GET["user"]).".jpg' />"; alert('XSS') src="javascript:alert('XSS');" alt="" /> click

Explanation: Simple but will only be used for a pen test

Author: site admin
Website: //htmltypos.com
Date: 11-20-2016 23:30
Id: 27

Typo: End tag left out on an unordered list
  • List item example text
  • List item example text
  • List item example text
  • List item example text
  • List item example text leave off the "/l" on an end tag for list element

    every thing after this list will show `italics`

    corrected by adding end tag after this paragraph ( <i> )= </i></li>
  • now everything should be back to normal

end of typo

Explanation: Simply shows how a typo for li leaving off the "l" in li can produce italics in the rest of your page.

Author: @tradesouthwest
Website: http://larryjudd.us
Date: 11-18-2016 14:02
Id: 24

Typo: Article by Louis Lazaris
At the end of March, Paul Irish tweeted about an academic paper called “Towards a Taxonomy of Errors in HTML and CSS” (PDF), which is a study that was conducted in 2013 at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Participants used the first iteration of openHTML Editor, a text editor that’s part of openHTML, a “collaborative research project aimed at designing better tools and practices for learning web development.”

Further, here’s a quote from the study’s introductory sections:

Beginners who learn HTML and CSS encounter many opportunities to learn from the process of authoring code for a computer to interpret, making mistakes along the way, and recovering from those mistakes.
The errors made were placed under one of three types. And again, it should be emphasized here that these errors were not errors that were observed when observing tasks that had been completed; these are errors that were observed during the process of completing the tasks, whether the errors were corrected or not:

Skill Based Errors

src="image.gif" alt=My Image"/>

Rule-based Errors

<div class="2"></div>

Knowledge-based Errors

  • Copying and pasting deprecated code in an incorrect manner (<align=right>).
  • Moving the incorrect code into the table cell and between the <tr> and <td> tags.
  • Searching the web multiple times.
  • Copying and pasting HTML into his CSS.
  • Putting dummy text into the editor to see if the editor is working.
  • When a beginner writes code that has many errors but still renders as desired, they receive positive feedback in the form of the properly formatted web page. These errors are latent, remain unresolved, and reinforce faulty understandings that can become difficult to overcome.
    Louis Lazaris

Explanation: Excerpts from an article on HTML errors

Author: Louis Lazaris
Website: https://www.sitepoint.com/study-errors-beginners-make-learning-html-css/
Date: 11-18-2016 21:07
Id: 21

What typos users frequently make while typing passwords? Some of the frequent typos are easy to correct. E.g.,
  • capitalization errors (Password → password)
  • caps lock errors, (Password → pASSWORD)
  • adding an extraneous character at the end (Password → Password')

Explanation: An article I read about correcting typos in password field... not sure if it is a good idea but you can read and decide for yourself.

Author: IEEE S&P 2016
Website: https://www.cs.cornell.edu/~rahul/projects/pwtypos.html
Date: 11-20-2016 23:21
Id: 20

Typo: Bold end tag missing

This is a regular not-bold sentence; incorrect coding shown on next three lines.

<b>Test line with no end tag </b> test line has start tag only

And this sentence has start and end 'p' tags and should *NOT* be bold but it still is due to not closing prior bold tag.

At the end of this sentence, I am closing the bold tag and also displaying the tag with a faux closing tag by using the "hilite" custom class with &,l,t,; in front of the faux displayed bold element. </b> </b>

This should now be correct (not-bold), because the end tag is now set just before this sentence starts.

End of Typo

Explanation: Simple example to start the htmltypo site with

Author: Larry @tradesouthwest
Website: http://tradesouthwest.com
Date: 11-20-2016 14:07
Id: 19